on the 9-12th October 2017
Kharkiv state academy of design and arts is holding
IX International forum «Design-education 2017»



- review-competition of diploma works of design schools;;
- competition of design projects;
- international scientific conference "The current issues of art criticism: The Challenges of the XXI century";
- International Scientific Conference "The Pedagogical aspects of training teacher in design: Modernity and Prospects";;
- drawing competition of Ukraine art academies;
- presentation of scientific and methodological issues of KSADA and of forum members;
- workshops of leading designers;
- round tables.


- creation of the scientifically grounded concept of the optimal model of design education according to its national characteristics on the background of European integration process of Ukraine higher school;
- development of scientific cooperation among the design schools of Ukraine and other European and world countries;
- presentation of the results of scientific research and implementation of information strategies and innovations in the design area;
- promotion of cooperation and friendly relations of design education establishments in order to enhance academic mobility;
- improvement of the quality of educational services in design education and bringing it to the state standards of higher education;
- mprovement of specialists training and discussion of teaching methods of professionally-oriented disciplines at higher design schools of Ukraine and the world;
- popularization of fundamental role of artistic disciplines among students.

Further details can be found HERE.