III International Student Competition on Font and Calligraphy «Pangram–2018»

Competition subject: literature.
Visual interpretation of a literary work by means of font and calligraphy.

Calligraphy | Lettering | Font poster | Drop Cap (First letter) | Author’s font (Accident font)

Terms of competition: The work must be done in the state language of the participant's country, in the language of the participant, or in English.
Each participant has the right to submit up to 3 works in each nomination.
The work should contain the logo “Pangram–2018” (size 60x8 mm, right corner below, 15–20 mm from the edge of the sheet). Inversion of the logo is permitted.
The files are accepted together with the registration form of the participant . Download the logo and registration form:
Works admitted to participation in the competition must comply with ethical norms and relevant nominations. Participation in the competition is free of charge.
Winners are awarded with of diplomas I–III degrees, all the participants get certificates.
The jury consists of representatives of universities of the countries of the participants.

The requirements for nominations: А. Calligraphy
А-1. The author of the work or the name of the work. 400x300 mm horizontal.
А-2. Quote. Be sure to indicate the author's quote or the title of the work where the phrase is taken from. 300x400 mm vertical.
B. Lettering
B-1. The author of the work or the name of the work. The image is black and white. 400x300 mm horizontal.
B-2. Quote. Be sure to indicate the author's quote. The image is black and white. 300x400 mm vertical.
C. Font poster
С-1. Quote or set of quotes. 600х900 mm vertical.
D. Drop Cap (First letter)
D-1. A First letter to a particular literary work. 400x300 mm vertical.
E. Author’s font
Е-1. Off-topic competition. 600x900 mm vertical. Location block: alphabets, numbers, punctuation marks are required. The font should have a name. The image is black and white (except for the cases of special technique of execution), the background is white.
Е-2. Presentation of an accident font (Е-1). Quote or set of quotes on the topic of the contest. 600x900 vertical. Background is under the concept.

Distribution file: jpeg, 150 dpi, RGB, size is original in terms for nominations.
File name (work files): Surname_Nomination (for example, Teslenko _A-1)
File name (registration form): Surname_ Pangram3 (for example, Teslenko _Pangram3)

Work files and registration form need to be sent by September 30, 2018 to