We would like to inform you that in June 2023 the Academy of Fine in Gdańsk is organizing 3 intensive summer courses for international students entitled:

"Printmaking course of fine art lithography" II edition
"Performance Art in Theory and Praxis"
"Artist on the Move"

within the programme SPINNAKER – Intensive International Education Programs at the Academy of Fine in Gdańsk.

The courses are free of charge and will last for two weeks, one week online and one week onsite in Gdańsk.

Students of foreign higher education institutions are eligible to participate in the course and will be selected on the basis of online applications and portfolios.

Information about the courses is available here: https://en.asp.gda.pl/academy/international-relations-office/spinaker,1156

Admission and scholarships: https://en.asp.gda.pl/academy/international-relations-office/spinaker/admission,1165

The application deadline is March 5th.

For further details, please contact us via: international@asp.gda.pl
or phone at : +48 58 301 21 40