The Department of Ukrainian Studies was founded in 2008 with the aim of forming a high level of national consciousness, as well as deepening the humanitarian component in the preparation of design and artistic personnel. The teaching staff of the department conducts research on topical issues of Ukrainian history, culture, language, literature, fine arts and design.

The results of scientific research are tested at the International and All-Ukrainian scientific and scientific-practical conferences and they are published on the pages of the periodicals included in the international scientific information databases (Index Copernicus Journals Master List; Central and Eastern European Online Library; MLA International Bibliography; The Slavic Humanities Index, Google Scholar, Scientific Periodicals of Ukraine, Web of Science).

An essential part of the extracurricular activities of the department’s lecturers is country-specific studies, which are the main themes of students’ researches. In 2017 the Department of Ukrainian Studies became the platform for the preparation of bachelors for the educational-professional program “Curating and Gallery Activities”.

Address: KSADA, 8 Mystetstv St., building 2, Aud. 304.
Telephone: +38 (057) 720-23-59


Graduates of the academy in the specialization “Curating and Gallery Activities” will be able to realize themselves in the following spheres of professional activities, such as:
Curatorial and gallery activities, art criticism (development of the concept, selection of artistic material, preparation of the exposition, implementation of art criticism in Ukrainian and English);
Organizing and conducting artistic events, working with mass media;
Teaching a course “The History of Fine Arts”, etc.


Developing the general concept of the project, the strategy of its development and implementation;
History of art;
Contemporary art;
Producing ideas and concepts of exhibition projects;
Creating an exhibition space and finding sources of funding if necessary;
Presentations, press release for mass media, interviews;
Master classes.