Maryna Ivanivna

Head of the Centre

Correspondence (Distance) Education Centre of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts is a structural subdivision for training students by means of correspondence education with elements of distance one. It works in a close cooperation with departments, faculties, and other structural subdivisions of the Academy.

The major objective of the Centre is to provide students of correspondence (distance) education with necessary conditions for them to be able to get a high-quality higher education, as well as to train future specialists who meet requirements of establishments and enterprises they work at.

The main tasks of the Centre:

  • To realize a correspondence-education activity which enables high-grade training of bachelors, specialists, and masters in accordance with higher education standards;
  • To fulfill the educational and methodological, teaching activity;
  • To contribute to fulfilling of the government order for training specialists with higher education;
  • To ensure a cultural and spiritual development of a student’s personality.

Correspondence education with elements of distance one is based on the Constitution of Ukraine, as well as on The Higher Education Act of Ukraine, Labour Code of Ukraine, Order of MES of Ukraine #444 On approval of Regulations on distance education dated 25 April, 2013, the Statute of KSADA, state educational standards, and other regulatory acts on education. This fact is specified at the Regulations of the Correspondence (Distance) Education Centre of Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

Head of the Correspondence (Distance) Education Centre: Maryna Ivanivna Tokar (tel: +38 (057) 706 04 19).