Serhiy Volodymyrovych

dean of the faculty
audiovisual art
and distance learning,
candidate of law,
associate professor,
associate professor of
methodology of cross-cultural

The Faculty of Audiovisual Arts and Distance Learning directs its activities in two directions. Priority is given to the implementation of educational activities in educational programs of specialty 021 "Audiovisual art and production" of the field of knowledge 02 "Culture and art" full-time education:

"Photographic art and visual practices";

"Advertising and video art";

"Production and art curatorial".

"Photographic art and visual practices"

The educational program is a unique combination of teaching photography in parallel with the acquaintance of students with drawing, painting, sculpture while studying the disciplines of synthesis of arts and visual practices. Thorough study of art and culture history, acquisition of skills of analysis of works of art and modern photography, creation of photo exhibitions with elements of performance, as well as basic knowledge of business organization and art management, etc. contribute to the formation of a photographer as a creative person.

"Advertising and video art"

The educational program focuses on the creation of various types of visual arts, including video art with elements of sound design, as well as the creation of advertising. To this end, there is a comprehensive study not only of these theoretical disciplines, but also those subjects that cover the technical side of the audiovisual product. Additional study of the history of art and culture, theory of contemporary art, theory of editing and artistic practices as a synthesis of arts with the use of new technologies contributes to the acquisition of professional skills.

"Production and art curation"

The educational program is based on a deep understanding of modern audiovisual art, its historical context and latest practices. It involves mastering the key concepts and principles of film and television production, as well as understanding the processes of creating the full range of audiovisual products (clips, commercials, media art). The main goal of the OP is to develop skills in producing audiovisual projects, which includes the full production cycle from pre to post production. In addition to basic disciplines (directing and editing, basics of cinematography, drama and screenwriting), students study art history, cultural history, basics of entrepreneurship and business organization, media law, advertising copywriting and speechwriting, philosophy and psychology of creativity and much more.

Distance and distance learning in educational programs of specialties 022 "Design" and 023 "Fine Arts, Decorative Arts, Restoration" is another area of the faculty, which is, in particular, to provide the conditions necessary for quality training of bachelors and masters in accordance with higher education standards these specialties.

As part of the faculty:

Department of Visual Practices,

Department of Audiovisual Arts,

Department of Methodologies of Cross-Cultural Practices.

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