Viktor Yakovych

Rector of KSADA, Academician
of The National Academy
of Arts of Ukraine
Doctor of Study of Art,
Honoured Artist of Ukraine


Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts (KSADA) is one of the most renowned higher educational establishments in Ukraine with a design and art profile. Almost a hundred-year history has shaped the Academy’s character and determined its direction. Distinctive traditions of Kharkiv art and design education sprang up in the second half of the 17th century when a specialised art education emerged in Ukraine.

A class of Drawing was formed under Kharkiv Collegium which was the predecessor of Kharkiv University. In 1805 it was the University that picked up the baton in art education when a class of Picture was formed there as well. In 1869 M. Raevskaya-Ivanova’s School of Drawing was established; it had, in particular, an art-and-industrial emphasis which later on gave a stimulus for founding our Academy. Kharkiv cultural and artistic tradition was born at the end of the 19th – beginning of the 20th centuries and is characterized by mutual penetration of two directions in education, namely general artistic and engineering and technical.

Kharkiv school of Art adopted older generations’ experience and got its direction thanks to the classic S.-Petersburg Academy of Arts. As for the design branch, it was developing under a strong influence of Kharkiv Technological Institute which was in the vanguard of the technical culture at the turn of the 19th -20th centuries when domestic industry was rapidly growing. Kharkiv tradition was carried on by Kharkiv State Institute of Arts which in 1962 was reorganized into Kharkiv Art and Industrial Institute and then, in 2001, was turned into Kharkiv State Academy of Design and Arts.

KSADA is an educational and research, cultural and artistic establishment which provides a specialised education in the sphere of visual arts, design, and restoration of works of art. It also has special programmes for post-graduate students. Besides, new educational programmes and research are being developed and carried out at the Academy. Numerous cultural and artistic events, creative activities are held here as well.

Kharkiv art school implements an educational policy based on principals of mutual enrichment for various kinds of designing and artistic creativity. Each specialisation is formed at the corresponding academic sections where graduate departments play the major role. In spite of the fact that distinct traditions have been formed for more than a 90-year history of its existence, the Academy highly appreciates and encourages experimenting and searching in education.