Halyna Oleksiivna

Head of the
Teaching Sector


The Teaching Sector is responsible for planning, organizing, and monitoring of the teaching and learning activities. It also takes care that the academic teaching staff upgrade their skills and perform at a high professional level which enables them to prepare highly qualified specialists.

The Teaching Sector’s activity has the following directions:

1. Organizing activity:

  • Realization of the curriculum in all specialties and forms of studying;
  • Development of timetables for teaching and learning activities, scheduling for academic studies and examination period;
  • Making sure faculties and departments are ready for a new academic year;
  • Distribution of the hourly fund;
  • Coordination on students’ Curricular Practical Training and field internship;
  • Compiling the State examination board;
  • Registration and handing over of Diplomas on graduating from the Academy;
  • Keeping a record, well-timed compiling statistical reports on the education process and enrollment;
  • Preparing and handing over of student ID cards;
  • Providing faculties and departments with forms for training and reporting documentation;
  • Employment assistance for graduates with different education levels, keeping in touch with the graduates’ employers.

2. Monitoring:

  • Regular monitoring of the compliance with schedules for teaching and learning activities;
  • Monitoring of the well-timed developing of plans, as well as training and reporting documentation on the education process by the faculties and departments; monitoring of the status of documentation;
  • Monitoring of planning and following the academic workload;
  • Monitoring of the academic teaching staff of the departments;
  • Monitoring of the hourly fund usage;
  • Monitoring of the activity of the State examination board;
  • Monitoring of the performance and state of the academy laboratories and classrooms;
  • Monitoring of students’ individual study during vacations and their making up missed assignments;
  • Monitoring of the efficiency of lecturers’ continuing education.

3. Planning:

  • Proposal development concerning planning and organising the education process;
  • Plan development for advanced training and trainee job of the academic teaching staff;
  • Development and implementation of the branch standards of higher education (BSHE) in Design branch.

4. Study and introduction of the latest practitioner expertise in deanery and department activity in organising the education process.

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E-mail: ucheb_chast@mail.ru