Department of Monumental Painting is associated with deep classical traditions and experience accumulated by world art for the millennium, as well as with the modern artistic process. The staff of the department focuses on the comprehensive preparation of an artist-universalist, who masters a wide store of artistic techniques and materials of monumental art: fresco, scratch-work, ceramics, mosaics, stained glass, levkas, etc., various technologies and painting styles.

Supporting the students' creative and personal preferences, the department provides an opportunity for creative students to specialize in the areas of paintings of public buildings and temple buildings of different denominations, as well as modern trends of monumental art: mural, street art, etc.

The many years of experience of the department contributed to the fact that in 2018 the branch of sacral painting became a separate area of study.
This gives an opportunity to purposefully study the theory and practice of temple art, in particular, the iconography of church painting, icon painting and various artistic techniques used in modern practice of sacral culture.

Address: KSADA, 8 Mystetstv St, 3 building, aud. 403
Telephone: +38 (057) 706-03-28


After graduation from the Department of Monumental Painting graduates can work in the following areas:

Monumental art in interiors and exteriors of public and religious buildings;
Sacral art of different denominations;
Church painting, icon painting;
Modern art practices in the urban environment (murals, street art, art objects, artistic installations, actionalism, etc.);
Creation of paintings in various wall painting techniques (fresco, enсaustiс, oil and acrylic painting, scratch-work);
Genre and decorative painting (historical painting, panel, portrait, landscape, still life, etc.);
Artistic stained glass, ceramics, mosaics;
Creative and exhibition activities;
Teaching in children's specialized art educational institutions and educational institutions of 2, 3, 4 levels of accreditation.


Chromatics (Colour studies);
Materials and technologies of painting and wallpapering;
Copying of a painting masterpieces;
Principles of the project graphics;
Plastic anatomy;
Art objects in modern monumental practice;
Work in material (fresco, scratch-work, ceramics, mosaics, stained glass, painting on the levkas);
History of monumental art;
Modern monumental art;
Introduction to sacral art;
Icon painting;
Methodology of teaching disciplines of fine arts;
Art practices in computer technologies;
Computer presentations of art works.