dean of the faculty
of Fine Arts,
associated professor

Artistic specializations are taught on the faculty of Fine Arts. The faculty was established in 2000 and continues local traditions of the artistic education that evolved in the 1920s.

At that time training was conducted at the personal workshops: of portraiture, fresсo painting, scenography, graphic, sculptural, etc. The painting workshops were headed by the graduates of the leading European art schools – S. Prokhorov, M. Sharonov, O. Kokel, M. Fedorov, M. Burachek, O. Symonov, I. Severa, L. Blokh.

Their educational method was based on the profound study of nature and richness of its plastic forms. A significant contribution into the development of Kharkiv higher artistic school was made by the Ukrainian innovative artists V. Ermylov, I. Padalka, O. Marenkov, who taught at the graphic workshop, and the head of the scenography studio – O. Khvostenko-Khvostov. Lecturers and students participated in numerous exhibition organized in Ukraine, Russia and abroad.

The post-war period was marked by the active development of the Kharkiv graphic school, presented by the etching school of the professors I. Dayts and V. Myronenko, lithographic school of the associated professor H. Bondarenko, woodcut engraving school of the associated professor B. Blank and M. Fradkyn. Not only the future graphic artists worked in those , but the students of the scenography and painting departments enthusiastically attended it as well. Under the influence of the creative and pedagogic activity of I. Dayts and V. Myronenko, the students of the painting workshop O. Martynet, I. Stakhanov and H. Galkin had been so attracted by the etching technique that they became professional graphic artists after graduation.

Today the faculty of Fine Arts consists of 6 departments, including the department of drawing, easel painting, graphic arts, monumental painting, sculpture, and theory and history of arts. Around 270 students study at the Faculty at present. The departments of the faculty suggest the following specializations: "Graphic arts," "Easel painting," "Monumental painting," "Indoor and monumental sculpture," "Art history" and "Department of Restoration and Expertise of Works of Art"

The educational process is organized by 76 stuff lecturers: 1 Doctor of Science, 8 professors, 11 PhDs, 13 associated professors, 2 People's Artists of Ukraine, 11 Honored Art Workers of Ukraine, 1 Honored Worker of Culture of Ukraine. Among them – the Doctor of Art history, head of Art History Department, Professor L. Sokolyuk, People's Artist of Ukraine, head of the genre painting workshop V. Kovtun, People's Artist of Ukraine, head of the painting department V. Ganotsky, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, head of the genre portrait workshop, V. Chaus, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Professor O. Vyatkyn, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Professor E. Zherdzitsky, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, Professor V. Chursina, Honored Artist, Head of the Sculpture department S. Hurbanov, People's Artist of Ukraine K. Mamedov, Honored Art Worker of Ukraine, associate professor O. Ridny, etc.