The Department of Sculpture is the modern institution centered on sculpture research and creation.
Early faculty members were all master artists who passed on their talents to generations of students, creating a tradition of sculpture excellence.

Among the students of the department are such famous artists as Academician M. Lysenko, National Artist of Ukraine V. Agibalov, National Artist of Azerbaijan I. Zeynalov, National Artist of Kazakhstan I. Naurzbayev and others.
Many of the students of the department became members of the creative unions, gained recognition among sculptural admirers in Ukraine and abroad, work as artists and teachers in educational institutions of artistic education.
The department carries out preparation of the two-level system: bachelor, master’s degree.

Address: KSADA, 8 Mystetstv St,
Telephone: +38 (057) 706-03-28


Сreation of objects of monumental sculpture such as: memorials, busts, memorial plaques, symbolic complexes;
Decoration of exteriors and interiors of architectural constructions;
Making creative works in the field of small plastics (miniatures), the creation of interior compositions, symbolic compositions, the development of garden and park sculpture and urban sculpture;
The creation of works from different materials, both classical and modern (wood, stone, metal, glass, polymer masses);
Teaching at children’s specialized schools and educational institutions 2, 3, 4 levels of accreditation.


the foundations of academic sculpture;
the basis of the composition;
the study of techniques and technologies for the artistic processing of sculptural materials;
the art of woodcarving;
the art of carving on stone;
classical techniques of artistic casting;
creation of creative works of metal by welding;
creation of creative works on combined materials;
composition of small plastic;
tinterior and symbolic composition;
garden and park composition and composition in the urban environment;
designing of architectural, graphic-mock binding of sculptural composite solutions taking into account the interaction of the sculptural composition with the environment;
expansion of the individual world outlook and development of the author's intellectual style and manner of execution of compositional ideas in the sculptural composition;
the expansion of compositional and spatial thinking, which will further work on 3D projects.


Diploma projects. Performed by Tetiana Glibova. 2014 (Master)

Diploma projects. Performed by Aleksandr Kuzmenko. 2014 (Bachelor)

Diploma projects. Performed by Roman Shurubkin. 2006 (Bachelor)

Diploma projects. Performed by Volodymyr Milikov. 2006 (Bachelor)

Ferendovich Oleksandra. Study with academic sculpture. 2017

Roman Shurubkin, Ferendovich Oleksandra. Study with academic sculpture.

Ludmila Yeletska. Symposium Music o’Fest. Bucha. Travertine. Size 2m
Bogdan Butenko. Symposium Music o’Fest. Bucha. Travertine. Size 2m

Dmytro Moskalenko. Practice assignment. Metal, welding. 2015

Diploma projects. Performed by Ruslan Movchan. Wood. Size 120сm. 2015 (Bachelor)
Ilya Kiselov. “Van Gogh”. Wood. Size 60сm. 2015 Кисельов Ілля.

Dmytro Bolotov. Creative works. Wood. Size 40cm. 2015

Dmytro Bolotov. Creative composition. Wood. Size 80cm. 2017
Oleksandr Ermakov. Torso. Marble, granite. Size 40cm. 2015