The Academy structure is defined in accordance with the Law of Ukraine On higher education, Regulations on a state higher educational establishment, and major tasks of the Academy activity. Structure subdivisions are formed by the vote of the Academic Council of the Academy as it is determined by the Law and the Statute.

The Academy major structure subdivisions are:

  • 4 Faculties;
  • 18 Departments;
  • Library (library holding meets the requirements of educational activity);
  • Editorial and publishing department;
  • Information and computing center;
  • Education and Methodology department;
  • Department of Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies;
  • Department for work with foreign students;
  • Subdivision of technical means of training;
  • Personnel office;
  • Planning finance department;
  • Accounting department;
  • Legal department;
  • Housekeeping unit;
  • Office of the Registrar;
  • Hostel;
  • Dining hall;
  • Training theatre;
  • Art center HudpromART.

The structure subdivisions act in accordance with the valid legislation, the Statute, and some Regulations approved by the Rector of the Academy. The structure subdivisions, including territorially autonomous ones, may have their own stamp with the name of the Academy and subdivision.